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Aeritha’s Influence

Use your magic to restore the lands to their original glory! You play as the mage, Aeritha, who must use different spells to convert tiles to be under your Influence and to match and cover the entire area to be one type of magic. Dark creatures will attempt to stop you and keep the lands in chaos, but they are weak to your magic if it spreads to them correctly.

Your magic will spread to neighboring tiles around you to gain tiles under your Influence. Each spell will affect only one type of neighboring, uninfluenced tiles, such as, the Water spell will change neighboring Fire tiles to Water and put them under your Influence. The Fire spell changes neighboring Grass tiles, the Grass Spell changes Earth tiles, Earth changes Air tiles, and Air changes Water. Once all tiles are under your influence and changed to the target element type within to turn limit, you win! Spells will also chain together similar tiles, such as, when you change Fire tiles to Water, any other Fire tiles neighboring each other will also change to Water.

Monsters add a new threat and strategy to the game. A number of monsters appaer depending on the difficulty. The monsters are killed once their tile is under your Influence, but they will try to stop you from completeing your objective. The monsters will follow consistant attack patterns and change tiles around the player to their magic type, such as, the Fire monsters change tiles to Fire tiles.

The game is available on Android devices through the Google Play Store!

Coming soon to iOS App Store…

A PC demo of the game is available Here!

If you like the game please consider donating! All donations go to help with further development of the game as well as all our other games, projects, and the company. Thank You!



The Tale of Emily Briarwood

Emily Briarwood isn't a hero. She can't wield a sword or cast spells, or even play music. In fact, she is a baker. But when her town is threatened, it's up to her to make sure it stays safe.

This is an in-development build! That means that as a current 1.0.0, it does have a complete beginning to end story with multiple endings. But it's not a hundred percent complete! We look forward to adding in plenty of additional story elements and branching narratives, fantastic music, and beautiful art assets. You can expect a lot of changes out of this project in the coming weeks.

Available for Mac, Linux, and PC. Download here.