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We are an indie game development team located in Colorado Springs, CO. We strive to make unique and innovative games for all to enjoy. We hope you'll enjoy our content and we appreciate your support, Thanks.

Chaos Theory: Entropy

Our first game! Currently still in development, but we are close to having the alpha build ready for testing and to market with. The teaser trailer is also currently available on YouTube with more updates and information coming soon including a gameplay trailer and a KickStarter campaign.

Solve environmental puzzles across three different timelines. How those timelines interact is another puzzle all on its own.

You wake up from cryosleep locked in a facility that has been abandoned in anticipation of an unnamed catastrophe. An artificial intelligence has tasked you with preventing this catastrophe with the assistance of an experimental device that gives you the power to alter time. You must use this newfound power to solve environmental puzzles that allow you to push deeper into the facility, leading you ever closer to the truth.

The facility exists in three different timelines, and each timeline presents the same puzzles in different states. Everything you do in one timeline affects each other timeline; not only do you have to work out the puzzle at hand, but how that puzzle fits into the grand scheme of each timeline.

The butterfly effect is the greatest puzzle of all. And once you solve it, you will come to know the terrible truth of the catastrophe.

Teaser Trailer Here!

Gameplay Trailer Here!

KickStarter Here!