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Aeritha's Influence

Our first commerical game! Aeritha’s Influence is a puzzle game where you use your magic to restore the lands to their original glory! You play as the mage, Aeritha, who must use different spells to convert tiles to be under your Influence and to match and cover the entire area to be one type of magic. Dark creatures will attempt to stop you and keep the lands in chaos, but they are weak to your magic if it spreads to them correctly.

This game is our CEO, Founder, and Lead Designer, Elijah Brainard’s, senior project for college, so go show the game some love and support! The game is currenlt available on the Google Play Store and will soon be on the iOS App Store. We also have a PC Beta demo available for free!

Updates and further development is planned along with an iOS version and a full PC version. More info on further development to come.

If you like our game and want to support it more, please considering donating to us. All donations go to further development of all our games and help support the company! Thank You1