The Forge Game Studios, LLC.

Indie Game Development company.


The Builders

We are an indie game development team located in Colorado Springs, CO. We strive to make unique and innovative games for all to enjoy. We hope you'll enjoy our content and we appreciate your support, Thanks.



Elijah Howell Brainard

CEO, Founder, Lead Game Designer, lead programmer, and more!

Eli is a Colorado native, born and raised, whose passion for video games started as a child with the classic NES and SNES consoles and evolved with each generation of games. During his college years studying Game Design and Development at UCCS, he discovered and made friends with many talented individuals who also had a drive to make video games. Eli brought together several of his friends to form The Forge Game Studios. Eli became the founder, owner, and CEO of The Forge Game Studios LLC. He is also the lead game designer, music composer and performer, 3D modeler and animator, programmer for the company, and is an all around nerd.

Liam Michael McAleavey

Lead Writer/Guy Who Records Funny Noises (and then puts them in the game)

Liam is a Colorado native, born and raised in the suburb of Aurora before he moved to beautiful Colorado Springs in 2013 to study video game design and narrative fiction. His parents were both writers, so he really had no chance in the matter. He met Eli Brainard and his fellow writer Isaac Alter during his studies, and somehow agreed to get involved with founding a game company amidst finishing school, sustaining an apartment, playing music, and attempting to socialize sometimes. He does a fair bit of reading, and enjoys grand RPGs like Dragon Age the most. Samples of his review writing can be found at



Isaac Nathaniel Alter


Raised in Corpus Christi Texas, Isaac eventually moved to Aurora Colorado to spend his last few years of High School. Wishing to pursue his passion of video games, he enrolled in UCCS to study video game design and English. During his studies he became fast friends with Eli Brainard and Liam McAleavey, as they grew closer they decided to venture forward in creating a game company while they busy themselves with their studies. Isaac enjoys video games (of course), reading, and watching a variety of shows. He enjoys a variety of game genres, but his top three would have to be Dead Space 2, Bioshock 1, and Kingdom Hearts 2. Has had experience editing a number of stories online, has approximately edited/co-wrote over 232,000 words.

Connor Sikes

Graphic Designer, Artist

Born October 11th, 1994 in Kansas City/Missouri. Moved around most of my life since I was a baby but now I'm hunkered down in the Rocky Mountains for good I hope. Start studying Game Design at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) for my freshman year, but later moved on from Game Design to Graphic Design. Since then I've now been studying at Pikes Peak Community College to finish my applied science degree in Graphic Design. Ever since I was little I've had an imagination that needed to be drawn out to life and I get to do that now with my own talents; and what better way put those talents to good use with helping create a game(s) with like minded individuals in The Forge Game Studios. I hope to strive for only the best and my other colleagues at studio to create something truly incredible.